Choice of pastel, bold or a mixture of coloured backgrounds, photos arranged in different layouts
Photo collage
Photos next to and each other, sometimes overlapping, with little or no background
Fun and Arty
Photos arranged in different ways - straight / at an angle.
Backgrounds a mixture of photos / colours / designs - can be themed eg. dogs, flowers etc.
White background, photos arranged in simple, clean style  with different layouts depending on photos
My special photobooks are available in a variety of design styles - simply choose the one you like for a particular photobook (you may find you prefer different styles for different types of book) and we will design your book in that style and budget.  We have also just introduced a new style of Layflat photobook which is perfect for displaying photos right across the page!:
NEW!  Layflat Handbound Hardcover  
Choose the new layflat design so that your photos can be displayed right across a double-page spread - allowing your favourite photos to be seen at their best!

my special photobook design styles

Photos arranged as in a traditional album - plain background, similar layout on each page